Black Charcoal Chin Patch
Infused with 1% charcoal powder, this chin pack absorbs sebum and impurities from the pores in the chin area. aloe vera extract soothes the skin and witch hazel extract tightens your pores, leaving your skin soft and smooth after use!...
KD 0.500
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Berryahabrightpeel Sleeping Pack
Natural aha content effectively removes dead skin cells and creates bright, clear skin.overnight dead skin cell removing and skin caring bright peel sleeping pack. feel the brightened, smooth skin next morning.
KD 6.000
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Jewel Beam Peel Off Pack
Jewel beam peel off pack texture sticks to the skin tightly and removes wastes clearly. jewel beam gives the smooth skin texture with real gold(1ppm) ingredients from nature.
KD 8.500
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