My Beauty Tool Silicon Brush
The jellyfish silicone brush deeply cleanses the skin, exfoliates, and massages the skin.
KD 2.500
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My Beauty Tool Secret Brush121 Skin
Foundation brush that helps easily sooth fluid foundation over the skin for a flawless finish.
KD 7.500
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Sculpting Brush
Our sculpting brush features a flat, wide head specifically designed to help create defined contours.
KD 5.250
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Glow Brush
The unique curved shape is designed to fit the contours of the face, so powder is applied evenly and smoothly all over, leaving behind a consistent and uniform veil of luminosity. The Glow Powder Brush is designed to be used...
KD 14.750
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My Beauty Tool Brush
Eye shadow brush for applying a base shadow on your eye lids. this brush features a wide and round head, perfect for evenly applying eye shadow base.
from KD 2.000
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Anastasia beverly hills brush 15 – mini angled brush is a travel-size, flat angled eyebrow brush with synthetic fibers. perfect for on-the-go application, this brush is ideal for filling and defining eyebrow with powder and emollient-based products. the tapered fibers...
from KD 7.500
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Etude House My Beauty Tool Brush120 Foundation
This foundation brush is ideal for flawless and smooth application of foundation or bb cream.
KD 5.000
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Double Lasting Glow Master Brush
2x longer-lasting radiance! the closely adhering brush expresses more beautiful radiance and glow as it closely adheres to skin
KD 8.500
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Complexion Blender Brush
Mix makeup with skin care products for “no makeup” makeup
KD 5.500
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Foundation Brush
Our foundation brush helps you layer on product for a more opaque base and a full coverage finish.
KD 4.000
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My Beauty Tool Secret Brush130 Countour
Contour brush used to make a seamlessly sculpted, slimming appearance for your face. if your powdered makeup products are leaving flecks behind, a light sweep of the contour brush can easily wipe away the excess too.
KD 3.500
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Powder Brush
Our powder brush has a plush large head for sheer application and smooth, high definition results.
KD 6.000
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Setting Brush
Our micro setting brush delivers a perfectly controlled dusting of product to complete any look.
KD 3.000
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Technic Fit Long Wear Powder Brush
Powder brush that helps the makeup last longer and finish smoothly without the powder flew and lump.
KD 10.000
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Technic Fit Perfect Cover Foundation Brush
Foundation brush designed to achieve the most seamless finish by covering flaws with little every stroke.
KD 10.000
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Technic Fit Sharp Contour Brush
Small angled contour brush designed for precious contour of nose and around the eye.
KD 6.000
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